Merrill Aronov

A man trying to escape his demons.


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Age: 30 – Height: 5’11 – Weight: 180 – Eyes: Blue – Hair: Brown, long


Merrill was born in San Francisco, and has led a rebellious life until recently. As a child, he was moved through several different public schools before dropping out of high school at age 16. He ran away from home shortly afterwards and got caught up with gangland violence and drug usage. He was caught and sentenced when he was 18, and given two choices: serve 10 years in prison, or join the Marine Corps. Not wanting to spend ten years in a federal prison, he joined the Marines and was shipped out to basic the next day. He served for six years, and rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant before being honorably discharged. After leaving the Marines, he moved back to San Francisco and quickly fell back into his old gang, and a hit was put out on him. He moved to the Midwest, and after several relatively quiet years, a gunman killed his girlfriend whilst trying to shoot him. After this incident, he moved out to his father’s old cabin, and has lived a quiet life in isolation of humanity for the past two years.

Merrill Aronov

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